ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival Screenings @ NYU

Presented with ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival, March 7-12a showcase of award-winning films by and about people with disabilities. For more information, please visit:


3-5PM: NYU Medi cal Center, 550 1st Avenue, Alumni Hall B

Discussants: Arthur Caplan (Director, Division of Bioethics, NYU Medical Center); Barron Lerner (NYU Medical Center). Moderator: Helena Hansen (NYU Medical Center/Anthropology)

WILLOWBROOK (Dir: Ross CohenUSA, 2012, USA, 16 min, Narrative)

In 1964, a young pediatrician begins his residency at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, only to discover that the institution is conducting Army funded experiments on developmentally disabled children. Based on true events.


FLYING ANNE (Dir: Catherine van Campen, Netherlands, 2010, 21 min, Documentary)

Eleven-year-old Anne is the kind of beautiful girl you can’t take your eyes off. The longer you look, the more you see her ‘tics’ from her Tourette’s syndrome – she suddenly spins or licks something. Anne is afraid of being teased at school and tries to keep her tics in check though she prefers ‘flying’ through life, so no one notices her tics.



6-8PM: Michelson Theater, 721 Broadway, 6th floor

Discussants: Noelle Stout (Anthropology, NYU); Randy Mowry (Steinhardt, NYU). Moderator: Faye Ginsburg.

HABANA MUDA (Dir: Eric Brach (France/Cuba, 2011, 61 min, Documentary)

 Chino, who is deaf-mute, works on a farm, and is debating leaving Cuba to join Jose, a gay Mexican who has fallen in love with him and is prepared to help him obtain Mexican work papers. Jose ponders if Chino loves him or is just using him so he can move to Mexico and make money to send back to his wife and children.



In collaboration with the NYU Council for the Study of Disability. Co-sponsors: NYU Department of Cinema Studies; Media, Culture, and Communication.

Cover photo: from the film, Willowbrook





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